SU-1 ultrasound processor

The Fujifi­lm ultrasonography processor SU-1 is equipped with proprietary image processing technology in a compact body with the aim of supporting accurate diagnoses with a variety of imaging modes including high-resolution B-mode.

A product by Fujifilm

High-end quality in a compact body

High-resolution B-mode and various imaging modes are incorporated in this compact body to support precise diagnosis.

  • High –end quality B - mode and doppler mode.
  • Frequencies : 5, 7.5, 10 , 12 MHz
  • Contrast Harmonic Imaging
  • Optimise function and Sound speed correction
  • Elastography
  • Image USB flash memory network folder (FTP), DICOM
  • Full flat user-friendly keyboard


Power supply Power rating AC 100–240V
Frequency rating 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 2.0–1.2A
Size Dimensions 390 × 135 × 485mm
Weight 13.0kg
Ultrasonography image display Scanning method Electronic scanning
Probe types Curved linear array/Radial
Scanning modes B, M, CD, PD, PW, THI, CH
Special modes* Elastography/CHI
Received signal processing Received gain correction 0–100, 2-step
STC 6-step gain settings per depth
Sound speed correction Full screen ROI settings
Dynamic Range 40–100, 5-step
Display PinP Endoscopic/Ultrasound Imaging
Observation screen Hospital/Date/Time/Patient
Applicable Curved linear array EG-580UT, EG-530UT2, EB-530US
Radial EG-580UR, EG-530UR2
5MHz, 7.5MHz, 10MHz, 12MHz
Frequency Image input terminal DVI image input terminal 1