Gastrointestinal Bleed Management

Gastrointestinal Bleed Management FMH Medical

During an endoscopy procedure all kinds of complications can arise. For a gastroenterologist it is important these complications are treated correctly. For the treatment of bleedings and complications, FMH Medical provides an in depth webinar training to bring you up to speed on the latest methods and products for the treatment of gastrointestinal hemorrhage.

This course is organized multiple times a year. Accreditation for this workshop is requested.

During this webinar, the following topics will be thoroughly elaborated:

  • Causes for bleeding
  • Different types of bleeding
  • Which indication needs which product?
  • Clinical studies on OTSC
  • EndoClot and (contra)-indications
  • PuraStat and (contra)-indications

Are you physician, teamleader, buyer or in any other way in involved with the Endoscopy department? This training can contribute to your skills set and bring confidence in handling an emergency situation.

Skills Lab FMH Medical @ Veenendaal
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Our expert Endoscopic Instrument, is looking forward to virtually welcoming you into the Skillslab at our head office in Veenendaal!
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