OTSC® System

Innovative clipping system intended for endoscopic treatment of gastrointestinal hemorrhage and closure of acute and chronic wall lesions.

The OTSC® (Over-The-Scope Clip) System represents a new class of endoscopic clips providing significantly more strength and better tissue capture compared to conventional clips delivered through the working channel of the flexible endoscope.

In addition, for precise and easy closure of even larger lesions several application aids are available: the OTSC® Anchor and the OTSC® Twin Grasper® support clip placement.

A product by Ovesco

Advantages of the OTSC® System

The OTSC® System is a new innovative clipping system to be applied via flexible endoscopes. It offers the physician three unique features superior to any other device:

  • Larger volume of tissue secured
  • Higher stability at the lesion site
  • Minimal strain on surrounding tissue

The exceptional features and therapeutic functions of the OTSC® System are based on its unique material and design: the superelastic Nitinol is biocompatible, MR conditional and if needed, even suited to be applied as a longterm implant.

The use of the OTSC® System is intuitive and easy, very similar to other devices based on the application cap principle. It is compatible with all commercially available endoscopes. A variety of different sizes and types are available.

Application of the OTSC® System

The OTSC® System stands for superior efficacy in flexible endoscopy for

  • Acute bleeding
  • Full thickness wall closure
  • Compression as well as approximation of tissue
  • Management of complications after endoscopic or surgical interventions

Important notes

The OTSC® System is contraindicated in esophageal varices.

Mini OTSC® System Set

The new compact design of the mini OTSC® System allows the use of the application technique of the proven OTSC® System for small lumen or difficult to access lesions in the gastrointestinal tract.

OTSC® System Set

The OTSC® System Set is an instrument for flexible endoscopy. It can be used for compression of tissue in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, for hemostasis or for treating gastrointestinal organ wall lesions, and for marking of lesions. The clip OTSC® gc is specially designed for the treatment of perforations and lesions of the stomach.

OTSC® Anchor

The OTSC® Anchor can be used for better approximation of tissue especially when indurated (e.g. fistulae, chronic ulcer). It also facilitates targeting of lesions, e.g. in the treatment of hemorrhage, the OTSC® Anchor allows precise alignment between the target tissue and the applicator cap.

OTSC® Twin Grasper®

The OTSC® Twin Grasper® is one of the OTSC® application aids and facilitates the approximation of gaping edges of a lesion before release of the OTSC® clip. It has two jaws which can be opened separately.