EB-580S Standard Type

2.2 mm working channel for faster suction power

Faster suctioning offers quicker vision recovery, even during bleeding and taking biopsy. The strengthened tube of the working channel can improve durability.

210° up angle provides great approach ability

Excellent bending capability (up angle: 210°) can improve reachability, especially to the upper lobe bronchus (B1-B3).

580 Super CCD & Close Focus (2 mm)

580 Super CCD and Close Focus can achieve increased secure screening and a more precise diagnosis of bronchial lesion and lung cancer.

A product by Fujifilm


Bending capacity up/down

Up 210° / Down 130°

Distal end ø

5.3 mm

Field of view


Flexible section ø

5.1 mm

Forceps channel ø

2.2 mm

Observation range

2-100 mm

Total length

870 mm

Viewing direction

0° (Forward)

Working length

600 mm