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FMH Medical Veenendaal

As a total solution provider, FMH Medical has the passion to deliver best-fit solutions and value-added services for their partners within the healthcare sector. Together with the partners, FMH Medical strives for optimal patient care and continuity and therefore they provide products and services that comply to the highest quality standards in medical care.

FMH Medical DUOMED Group

FMH Medical is exclusively distributing FujiFilm endoscopes since 1978. In 2010, FMH Medical integrated within the Acertys Group (later Duomed Group) and expanded its product portfolio within different medical domains.

All divisions are supported by their own technical (repair and maintenance) department and customers can rely on the expertise of the different FMH Medical product & service teams for technical / user trainings and various hands-on workshops.

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Delivering high-end innovative products and solutions for optimal patient care and ensuring continuity at customer sites is the mission of FMH Medical. They have a constant focus on providing in the needs of the market in a continuous changing landscape. Together with the trusted suppliers and partners, the company is continuously working on adding innovative products to their product offering to ensure both futures. It is their intention to work together with partners to create optimal patient care, delivering state of the art high quality products and providing excellent services. Their relation to customers, suppliers, staff and shareholders is based on mutual respect and trust, aiming for a long-term cooperation.


Part of the Duomed Group

The Duomed Group offers innovative breakthrough products and solutions. Local expert teams sell, install, integrate and maintain these products and solutions in high technological, critical medical environments in the Benelux.

The Duomed Group is a total solution provider serving the quality, continuity and safety of the customers processes:

  • Operational excellence with two state of the art warehouses in Aartselaar and Kerkrade
  • Local expert teams in Aartselaar, Hasselt, Kerkrade and Veenendaal
  • Specialized and certified Service Engineers (more than 50) in Aartselaar and Veenendaal
  • IT and integration experts in Aartselaar

The Duomed group intends to be your partner for high technological, critical solutions in the Benelux with a total care approach, assuring the quality, continuity and safety of your care processes.